Lessening the Signs of Aging

Rejuvenation of the hands is becoming more popular. Hands can be a giveaway for aging. Fat injection can help by providing a layer of cushioning between the skin and the underlying tendons and veins, making them less conspicuous. Laser resurfacing can be done simultaneously to treat brown spots.


D.C., Age 45
Procedure: Fat injection of hands

Before, 10 days after, 3 years after (3 months after touch-up)


B.M., Age 50
Procedure: Fat injection of hands.

Before, 3 months after


B.W., Age 55
Procedure: Fat injection of hands and erbium laser resurfacing of hands.

Before, 1 month after, 1 year after, 3½ years after

M.R., Age 57
Procedure: Fat injection of hands.

Before, 5 weeks after


B.P., Age 60
Procedure: Fat injection of hands, laser resurfacing of hands.

Before, 3½ months after

Fat is obtained from a donor site, usually the tummy or outer thighs. The fat component is separated from the fluid either using a centrifuge, or by using the LipiVage system that separates the fat as it is harvested. Using one or two incisions at the level of the wrist, the fat is injected over the back of the hand. A blunt cannula is used and care is taken not to puncture the veins. The fat is massaged gently by the surgeon to even it out.

This is not a painful procedure. Swelling and bruising are normal. You should avoid manual activities such as gardening for at least 2 weeks. Compressive gloves can be worn for comfort and to limit swelling.

Hand rejuvenation has proved to be a safe procedure. It is possible to do a touch-up procedure later to optimize the result or to treat unevenness.

Getting Back to Normal

  • You can wash your hands right away.
  • The small sutures on the back of your wrists are removed in the office after a few days. Sometimes they come out on their own.
  • Avoid sun exposure because this might cause hyperpigmentation.
  • Minimize manual work the first 2 weeks after surgery.

Q: Is it painful?

A: No.

Q: Will this help my brown spots?

A: No. Laser resurfacing (usually the erbium laser) is used to treat brown spots. This may be done simultaneously with fat injection.

Q: Will I need to do it again?

A: Fat absorption is variable. You may want to have another treatment at a later time.